Our delivery system is based on a two-week delivery cycle. In other words, our route-sales team is in your area every two weeks.

What happens during holidays?

During holiday weeks, your delivery day will shift by one or more days (depending on the holiday and number of days our offices are closed). For example: during the Thanksgiving holiday we are closed both that Thursday and Friday. If your delivery day was on Monday PRIOR to the Holiday, it will shift to Wednesday. Your delivery day will remain on Wednesday until the next holiday.

What about bad weather?

We deliver to many areas that may impossible to get to in inclement     weather. If conditions exist that put our employees at risk, we will make alternative arrangements. Crystal Springs makes every effort to contact affected     customers in advance to inform them of when they can expect delivery.     In most cases we will deliver the following day. For customers in areas susceptible to bad weather,     we     advise you to keep extra bottles on hand to prevent running out.

What are bottle deposits?

Our 2.5, 3 and 5 gallon bottles are returnable/reusable. In order to ensure our bottles are returned, there is a non-tax, refundable $10.00 ($6.00 for 2.5 and 3 gallon) per bottle deposit. These deposits are paid up front, and we simply exchange your empties for full bottles. If you purchase more bottles than you have empties, you will be charged extra deposits. Conversely, if you return more empties than the full bottles you purchase, you will receive a credit on your account.

What if I don’t need water on my regular delivery day?

If you don’t need water on your regular delivery day, you have several options. First, you can call the office and notify them you don’t need a delivery, and to skip you until your next delivery. The other option is to go ahead and put your empty bottles out with a note attached indicating to your route-sales person that you don’t need water. This way you can turn in your empties and receive credit     on your account.

What if I have special delivery instructions?

Many of our customers request that we     follow special instructions when making deliveries. Whenever possible     we attempt to fulfill those requests. Mostly those requests have     to do with such things as “where to leave the water” or “deliver two bottles whether we leave the empties out or not.” If     you have such requests, please contact the office or your route-sales person.

What are “leakers?”

Occasionally, undetectable stress cracks     develop in our bottles. Through our quality control program, we attempt     to catch all of those bottles and remove them from the production     stream before they reach you. Many times those cracks will not become     noticeable     until you open the bottle and put it on the stand, where gravity     and the pressure-equalization process cause the bottle to leak. If you     receive     a leaker, simply remove the leaking bottle. Prior to replacing the bottle, please check the reservoir (small container of water inside the cooler) is full. If it is full, you can safely put a new bottle on the cooler. However, if the reservoir is empty, there may be a problem with the cooler and you need to contact our office. In the event that the bottle is the problem, please set that bottle aside and mark it as damaged so     that we can remove it from our inventory.

What happens to those damaged bottles?

In an effort to keep from increasing the size of our landfills, Crystal Springs recycles damaged bottles. In addition to the bottles, we also recycle as much of our cardboard and paper as possible.

What about paperwork and billing?

To start service, you are  required to fill out and sign a lease (or other service agreement,     depending on your service and equipment). We offer two billing/service options:

  1. if you require a hard copy of your invoice on delivery days, please contact our customer service department and they will note your account to ensure you receive a paper invoice.
  2. if you do not need a paper invoice, your monthly statement will detail deliveries for the month. Also, your equipment charges will only show on your monthly statement unless you indicate in advance that you require an additional invoice for those rental fees. In addition, we bill equipment rental one month in advance.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact our office.

Where can I find information on quality control?

Just click here to go to the quality control page.