Deciding on Crystal Springs Bottled Water® is simple, picking out the perfect dispenser may prove to be a bit more challenging. Why? Because we give you choices–lots of choices. We offer a variety of convenient, attractive water coolers for the home, office or shop to meet your taste. The sky’s the limit.

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Bottled Water Cooler Types
Ceramic "Olla" / Oak Stand (no electricity needed)
Cold Water Only Cooler
Cold & Room Temperature Cooler
Countertop Cook & Cold
Hot & Cold Cooler
Stainless Steel (or colored) Hot & Cold
Hot & Cold Bottom Load
Countertop Hot & Cold Cooler

Bottled Water Cooler Accessories
Paper "cone" Cups (4.25 ounce - 200/sleeve - 5000/case)
Paper "hot" Cups (8.0 ounce - 50/sleeve - 1000/case)
Hand Pump
6 Bottle Rack (loaned at no charge to cooler rental customers)
24 or 30 Bottle Rack
Cup Dispenser (loaded at no charge to cooler rental customers)
"Easy-load" Cap